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Dune Sea - Go as quickly as possible to the tusken camp on the hill...if you take that, the tuskens generating at the cisterns will harass the rebels and you can flank their vehicle producing CP...if you're the rebels, same story, except take both the tusken camp and the cisterns so they stop diverting your forces...

Kamino...if you start on the landing pads, take the cloning center AT ALL COSTS by the most direct route possible (stopping along the way to take CPs you pass on the way). You've then cut off the enemy from their central defensive position and can pin them down wherever they've gone and annihiliate them.

if you start in the cloning center..pick one end of the arc of landing pads and just roll them up. If they start encroaching on the cloning center, respawn at the cloning center and drive them out.

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