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Voting is very easy to do. Just look at your keyboard configuration under Controls. People need to stop complaining about buttons and actually make some effort to see what they are first. However, I can't read the booting messages. On my screen, 1600x1200, the chat text and booting message overlap so you can't read them. I never have a clue who what a vote is for.

There is a problem with the 'Done' button not being displayed in a timely matter when a round ends. This needs fixed.

I get a strange error. The crosshair doesn't display critical hits and weapon reloading status (those bars and 3 dots).

There are some balance isssues that need worked out:

1) The guided missiles are extremely hard to use and cause little damage for their massive skill.
2) The engineer is way over powered. It is immune to mines, kills armored units in one shot, and can heal itself. One of those three things needs to go.
3) Mines shouldn't glow, and should be destroyed by any weapon. Many times I have seen a flag goal surrounded in mines. With no gernades to blow them up, I am forced to die inches from the goal without scoring. You can't wait around the goal for the mines to dispear, the enemy spawns nearby.
4) Snipers are too weak in close combat. Give them a crosshair or a stronger pistol (they have a weaker pistol than other units). If you are thinking snipers should not be engaged in close combat, remember rocket troops are supposed to destroy vehicles not units.
5) The sniper beam rifle doesn't work right. It needs fixed.
6) Many people talk about changing the rocket troopers, I never use them, so I can't comment on that.

The repeating sound bug drives me crazy.

SWBF2 isn't 'nice' with other programs. They cause it to crash (if using sound or graphics) and the other way around. It would be nice if this didn't happen.

The award pistol with damage increse can be considered the strongest weapon in the game. Its effectively a high rate of fire sniper rifle. That doesn't seem right to me.

(I may not agree with thoughts posted under this name)
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