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Cool Guy RDH is recruiting players of all levels!

The Rabid Dogs of Hell or RDH Clan is recruiting for SW Battlefront players of all skill levels.

RDH is an enormous mutli-game community playing games like Call of Duty, Guild Wars, WoW, Battlefield 2, and many more. The whole clan uses TeamSpeak2, a free voice chat program that allows for live communication with your teammates. Voice chat is a MUST for playing Battlefront due to its cooperative nature, and makes gameplay a LOT of FUN!

Our clan does participate in a monthly Battelfront tournament hosted by Unlike other clan ladder type tournaments, this is much more casual, relaxed and friendly; not to mention it's extremely well organized.

So if you're 17 or above, like Battlefront, and want to be a part of a really fun and friendly bunch of guys and gals... head over to our website, register and post in our forums that you're interested in signing up! Tell 'em I sent ya!

Hope to see you soon.

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