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Dyce killed the last of the Imperial fleet. He saw Bac's fleet moving out of the line of sight, and decided that he needed some troops of his own. He ran over the corpses of his enemies, following an indirect path back to the Keep. The GIs were getting closer to the Keep to protect the MUH. That was the only mission now, besides the flank troops in the Civ starfighters, but they were getting gradually outmatched by the GSfighters. The Jedi army was losing. They needed a plan. The Rebels began filling sniping posts at the Keep. Those with supply caches filled the window launchers with extra missles. They weren't the same design, but they would still fit.
Dyce had several injuries by the time he reached the keep. He would need some med packs...if there were any left. He couldn't think of a singe plan. There were no Jedi Starfighters left, and he was not in the mood to blown up again anyway. The TIT-ATs were on the other side of the battlefield. They would need a formation plan. He ran into the council chamber. He saw a Jedi raise an eyebrow.
"I must see...whoever is in charge..."
The Jedi glanced around his shoulder, as if he heard somebody.
"He left just a while ago...I'm not sure where he is now. I can suffice for now."
"I've got a plan...give me some Jedi and show me to the starfighter room."

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