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I thought I'd add some stuff about Star Wars related TV/spinoffs:

Q. Were there any other SW spin offs as far as TV and movies ??
Yes indeed ! There is the absolutely infamous Star Wars Holiday Special It was a TV special made in 1978 IIRC(before Empire's release.) It features Chewie and his family celebrating 'Life Day'! Its damn weird, both fascinating and horrifying to watch One saving grace of the SWHS is that it contained a short cartoon which actually introduced Boba Fett for the very first time.

There were the Droids and Ewoks series. Parts of which have been released on DVD now. The droids cartoons are actually interesting to watch, although a bit dated. Anthony Daniels did 3P0s voice and little things pop up which remind you of things you see in the movies later on... eg. a multi-armed diner chef very much resembling Dexter from AOTC

Finally there are the Ewok Movies: Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor These movies of course were more aimed at kids, and can be very painful to watch if you are not an ewok fan.


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