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Bac Rueben was now just within sight of the new reinforcements. Luckily, Bac and his troops were on a hill with a bunch of rocks. They found out they were headed for the keep. They had just fired upon it, crumbling it a little more. Bac surveyed the area to find a potential weakness. Sure enough, He found a tent with the Imperial flag over it, signaling that it's the leader. It was heavily guarded, but Bac had an idea. He put on his old suit and walked towards the tent, knowing the new reinforcements would consider him as one of theirs. He got past the guards and entered the tent, finding the leader of the battalion. During the conversation Bac had to listen to about the new troops wiping out the rebels and jedi, etc., etc., Bac dropped a tiny charge and kicked it under the chair. After 30 min. or more of the leader's boring talk, Bac walked away. Once with his troops he pushed the button.

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