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Zion opened an eye and scremed the rocks and rubble around him flung up and hit the ceiling and fell around him. His power was increasing every second and he could feel it. He looked over at the pile of rocks with Zaran underneath he was ordering the young ones out of the room. Zion looked around a Jedi knight was quickly pushing the young ones out. Zion smiled at him the jedi looked terrified but stood his ground he ignited his lightsaber and charged at Zion. Zion laughed. Zion dodged the mans attack and struck him on the back of the head knocking him out. he the force pushed him against the hard wall and he fell into a heep. Zion raised his head and his energy in a flash all the rublle was flung up into the air and Zaran was revealed. Zion smiled his threw the rocks against the wall which cracked.
"Ready for round 2?" he asked


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