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Originally Posted by Darth Viggo
I am liking the idea of Dantooine turning into a "Dark" now that all of the original Jedi's from the council on Dantiooine are dead, maybe looking kind of like Malachor V in KotOR2.
A new look along with a new area? Not a bad idea. However, I think the Malachor V thing is taking it a bit too far...

Originally Posted by Darth Viggo
As for Korriban, if keeping it means not adding a new planet, I say blow it up, good riddance.
Ummm.... No. Korriban is supposed to still be there in JA, which is after RotJ. So no, that is way too drastic. And besides, I agree with Lightsider about new stuff on Korriban, we haven't seen all of the planet (just like we haven't seen all of Dantooine).
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