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Viper saw him he aimed and shot. His shot was mis-placed. It hit to the right of is shoulder. Viper rolled over. He knew a sniper never took a shot from the same position tiwce. He swung his sniper pver his shoulder and withdrew his pistols. He jet packed to the squad. He heard a distant rumble
"Tanks" said a droid
"Sounds like it" said Viper unconcerned
"call it some tanks" Viper ordered
A droid nodded and spoke into the radio
"and" said viper with a sudden thought
"tell them to send some bombers....hell tell them to send what ever they got"
the droid nodded again and continued talking into the radio
More droids were dropped off and they assembled next to Viper
Viper had ordered a continuous drop off of droids. He would not be out numbered that way. Viper ordered the droids to set up gun placements, deffence cannons, Mortars, Anti- aircraft guns and various other defences. Viper ordered the droids to build up to trench and a small fort. They would keep the creek bed even if it killed them....


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