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(sorry I havn't posted in 2w)

Dyce lead his own personal Jedi group out in a hovercraft armored with starfighter parts. It was a very resistant vehicle, the armor had not once yet been pierced. Dyce found it somewhat enjoyable to run over oncoming troops and watch them fly overhead. The Jedi were at the side turrets, blasting away with super-accurate shots. Dyce went in a strait line toward the command caches, smashing into a crowd of Imperials as he went. That's where all of the Civic Army were regrouping. One was already up in smoke. Dyce insisted that every one of them be the same.
"Alright," he directed the Jedi, "coarse B time."
The jedi ignited their lightsabers. They had every color of those things you could imagine. Black, white, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, all igniting at the same time. Dyce alligned the hovercraft parellel to the cache.
"Now!" he commanded one of his own troops. He punched in some commands on the mast and starfighter parts opened out and exposed the awsome Jedi cannon to the outside. And the blaster fire to the inside. Sabers soared in protection of his troops. Just a little closer and...Boom! The force of the cannon actually rocketed the hovercraft backward, slicing enemy lines with razor-sharp starfighter hatches. Down went a cache. Dyce wheeled the hovercraft and...Boom! Down went another! The Jedi army was making a decent comeback.

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