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Viper ordered droid snipers to get to higher positions and to radio him of they saw anything and were ordered not to shoot anything until Viper gave the order. They did so. Within minutes Viper's radio buzzed
"Clone troops coming our way sir from the west"
"Ok when they are in range....give them hell"
"Yes sir"
Viper ordered the cannons and guns to be readied and manned when his radio buzzed again
"Sir More troops are coming from the east....and the south.....and the north...sir we're being surrounded"
"Keep focus and asighn your men directions"
"Yes sir"
Viper took out his rifle and took aim. He saw a clone commander ordering troops around....he took aim....and fired. The solider his the floor and the clones turned in bewilderment and started to open fire
"OPEN FIRE!" Viper yelled


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