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Zion watched as the ohovercraft moved. He saw the Jedi ignite their blades. He felt anger. The Jedi had turned their backs on him. Zion wanted to make sure none of them survived. He ran towards them his blade ignited. He heard someone yell. A Jedi behind him
"Zion....stop" He panted
"Phinius? NO! The Jedi have corupted this galaxt for too long!"
"The Jedi are not evil!"
"They have poisoned your mind....listen to reason! The Jedi only want power!"
"That's not true and you know it"
"I know more than you" Zion spat
"I will not alow you to kill anymore Jedi" he said quietly
Zion turned and heard the sound of a lightsaber being ignited
"Don't do this Phinius, you know you can't win"
"It's not about winning It's about making sure you see the truth. Maybe If I fight you..."
"I will kill you if I have to"
Zion moved his blade to Phinius's
"I'm sorry master" Phinius whispered and tried to strike but Zion blocked it
"No...I'm sorry"
Zion struck at Phinius's leg and he fell to his knees. Zion then force pushed him into the wreckage of a tank. Phinius got gingerly to his feet.
"I will not allow you to keep killing...."
Zion force pulled Phinius towards him
"You....are young and foolish...maybe some day you will realise what I mean..Someday"
Zion threw him aside
"please....Zion...Do what is right...Not what is easy!"
"You think this is easy?"
"Goodbye Phinius...."
Zion rasied his hand. He kicked Phinius in the head and knocked him out. He summoned all his energy and called a Jedi Starfighter to their position. He strapped Phinius in and set a coarse to a distant planet. He closed the hatch and the ship rose into the air. Zion watched it go....He didn't want Phinius to be on the planet when he destroyed it. Zion was going to plant a massive bomb in a tunnel not known to many. This tunnel lead to a reactor core that kept the keep powered. When the reactor blew the planet would be ripped in half. A black hole would be created and everything would be sucked ina cease to exist.....Zion shivered. The bomb was hidden in his robes. Zion touched the warp bomb he knew it would all be over soon....


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