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Defenders of Sovereignty

Hello I am Vespidbat of a clan called Defenders of Sovereignty,DS for short.I' am in the Army section of it,the army is based off Galactic battlegrounds and soon to be Empire at War.DS is one of the oldest,biggest,and most popular clan in the Star Wars games.We are a SW base game only,but we have other section where u can talk about any non-star wars game.We play Battlefront 1 and 2,Galactic Battlegrounds and CC, jedi academy,jedi outcast,republic commando,W-wing Alliance,Gallaxies,and soon to be Empire at war.We have lots of people in Defenders of Sovereignty pretty close between 100 and 200 active members.I am an Inter+ in GBG and many more.And we have great leaders running our beloved clan,and they will help/teach u anything u need or be trained on.We have rakns too,that new recruits starts at private(PVT) and can go up as high as Colonel (COL).We accept any skills so come on by be part of one the best and historical clans ever!

☼☼ Vespidbat
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