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Originally Posted by Darth333
Check the small "show all" box on the lower left corner of the right panel.
No no no.. Sorry, that's not the problem

I never gave myself 'force valor' or 'drexl shield' (whatever that is) in kotor 2's level up or KSE or whatever other method one could use... but KSE says I did... (showing up in my force powers and all..) but when I go back to kotor 2 it's back to "normal"... that is to say, my force powers remain the same.

According to Kotor 2, I have 'Shock' but not 'Valor'... KSE on the other hand is saying I have valor but not shock... The ammount of force powers I have match in both kotor 2 and KSE, it's the force powers themselves that have gone nuts...

After 30 minutes I figgured out what to do, I had to remove my spells.2da from my override folder, load KSE to give me back all my force powers, save/commit the changes, go back into kotor 2 and load that edited save game and save it again, exit and put spells.2da back to where it was and return to kotor 2 and play the game....

It still shows up all whacky for some wierd reason but I did what I had/wanted to do so it's no longer *that* bad...

Not sure what is going on. It's mostlikely the spells.2da that's being difficult but I don't know why, doesn't TSL Patcher add the stuff at the end of the file? (291 lines, tsl adds X to 292)... shouldn't KSE still be able to find everything considering nothing has moved? :|

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