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"Commander!" cried one of Dyce's engineers. "You'd better come see this. The radar has picked up quite a reading." Dyce was not very happy to deprive himself of the magnificent cannon.
This had better be good. he thought. He beconed a Jedi with a red lightsaber over to the command bridge to take his place. He walked over to the monitor leaning on the mast. The entire screen was purple.
"It looks as though a lot of radioactivity has just been unveiled." said the engineer, his gaze fixed on the monitor screen.
"Unveiled?" asked Dyce.
"We weren't able to pick this much up before, and look!" The trooper pointed a finger at a small dot that was completely black with no detection whatsoever. It was moving at incredible speed.
"It's nearby!" Dyce exclaimed. They all looked in the direction of the object. Zooming right past the hovercraft was a Jedi on a speeder bike, robes trailing behind him.
"It's Zion!" said a Jedi with a blue lightsaber.
Another Jedi with a white lightsaber, a Master by his robes stared in horror and whispered "the reactor". Another Master jumped and yelled at the red-sabered Jedi. "Shoot him down!!"

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