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Originally Posted by Mace_Macleod
geez guys, lighten up...
231) You discover that a lot of people out here (this thread nonwithstanding) could really use a sense of humor.
I think you need to take a closer look and see who are the people that actually need to lighten up- namely the people who end up doing #233 and #234. And Jedi_Knight_707, I guess that you are guilty of what you posted?

233) You make cracks directed toward the people posting on this board when a) you really aren't doing anything different, b) you can't post anything new, and c) you are contradicting yourself as you post.

234) You come on this thread and start insulting the people who post on this thread or the things they post instead of actually trying to contribute to make it "better."

I know, they're not very original... But I felt like it needed to be said yet again to those people out there...

235) You end up taking off every females clothes just to see how the underwear looks. (Doesn't it seem like a lot of the jokes are about this?)

236) After doing so, you wonder why Mira's underwear completely covers her chest, but when she is wearing her regular clothes her chest isn't covered.

237) You also find out that Bao-Dur wears suspenders under his suspenders.

238) You keep trying to find the vitality bar on yourself to find out how injured you are.

239) When you go to school you think that all you are going to have to do is gain XP and then highlight an icon on the board to get the skills.

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