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I am posting a little early so I can start my Yule celebration. Those who are going to be reviewed next should be warned that I will probably have a hangover next week.
That isn't true, I never have hangovers. But hey, it's a good excuse.

24 December
First, Happy Yule to my fellow Pagans. Merry Christmas to the Christians, Happy Hanukkah to the Jews, Solemn Tet to the Buddists Happy Boxing Day to Canadians

From Lucas Forums Coruscant Entertainment Center

Triumph of the Republic

Continuation of story Rescue from Mustafar

The only complaints I have here are the same ones for Rescue from Mustafar..
Beyond that the action is excellent, storyline well done.

Path of Betrayal

Set 50 years after KOTOR II: The Sith Lords
A young man is sent on a spy mission to infiltrate the Mandalorians
In the third section you misspelled feigning. No biggie.
While I am surprised sometimes by how bad some writing can be, I am refreshed when I find excellent ideas done well. Rob except for some editing problems and some misspelling, I have nothing bad to say about it.
Well done!

Star Wars: Victim of Betrayal

Sequel to Invisible Hope, concurrent with Revenge of the Sith
When Order 66 was passed, some didn’t take it well..

The problem I have with Sabretooth’s work is it’s always good enough to keep me going, but he never writes it fast enough to keep me happy.

Very Well done. You mentioned the KOTOR prequel, let me know when it’s started.

From the Galactic Senate Coruscant Theater

In My Father's Shadow
Jedi Bounty

The unknown daughter of Obi Wan Kenobi seeks her father even as evil forms around her.

First, it’s great to have a story that suggests that even Obi Wan was a youngster. The writing is excellent, the idea superb, and like a lot of you kids, only marred by editing and spelling problems. Keep it up!

All That Matters

An alternate Universe version of Return of the Jedi.
Fighting a debilitating illness, Luke moves toward reconciliation with his father.

I don’t tend to like AU fiction but this is better than most I have read. As a possible outcome, it is well thought out. There was always the chance that Luke would either join his father, or the emperor. The writing style is a bit confusing, but not bad.

Jedi Outcast: Unlikely Heroes
Obi wan

A team of unlikely heros must save the galaxy

In writing there is the idea that you can take the story from a book and crossover into it from reality. The movie Galaxy Quest comes to mind.
This is one of those stories. The basis being that the entire Star Wars universe is real and just over there in the unfashionable end of the galaxy resides our own Earth. If he had left it at that, all well and good. But he also had the ship land, be found by George Lucas who stole the idea for a series of moneymaking movies and sent it back off into space where it crash-landed on Earth yet again to pick up a bunch of kids.
The style is pure Obi Wan Read my postings of his work from 5 November, 26 November and 16 December, needing polish more than anything else.

From kotorfanmedia

After the Star Forge
As the teaser says; “So what does the most famous heroine in the galaxy do after she’s defeated Darth Malak, destroyed the Star Forge and saved the Republic?”
“She goes on vacation,”
I thought it was horrible yet funny to have the Rakata homeworld suddenly become the most popular tourist trap in the galaxy. The writing is well done, and using the younger girl as the main character after Revan and Carth a good choice. Especially with the child’s attitude that the Jedi are an evil Elf like group that steals children. Worth a look.

Questions of Character
After the destruction of the Star Forge, Carth asks Revan to marry him. The result...

Jiara had a lot of fun mixing angst, romance, and humor in this one segment. Having HK47 straining and grinding trying to be nice was the perfect touch. 18 people gave this a thumbs up on the site. It deserved them.

Silence Is Copper-toned

listed as following ‘Future’s End” ”Slow Dissolve” and ”Lost and Found” by the same author, though it was posted before the last listed. With Katrina (Revan) going somewhere, her daughter by Carth Onasi reprograms HK47 with humorous results.

She’s done it again! I have yet to read anything of Rose’s that I have not liked. I just wish I was as prolific.

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