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"I've blocked the radioactivity sensor for now, and that returned our communications systems." reported Eyol.
"Good. Contact Commander Tighe and tell him to scramble everyone into hovercrafts and get them to use the route we coordinated." ordered Dyce.
The engineer punched several communication lines but all of them were letting them communicate. The Keep's communication systems were still down.
"Well, I guess we have to go back." Dyce said.
"It will be too late by then!" said a Jedi with a purple lightsaber. "We must stop Zion! It's the only way!"
Dyce glanced out of a turret window. The Keep still stood. But it was so far away.
"We each board a different starfighter and go and pick them up." suggested the red-sabered Master who was currently piloting the hovercraft. Dyce had come to the same conclusion. It was risky, but much less risky.
The port was somewhat guarded, but what could they do to a dozen Jedi Masters? The starfighter parts opened and the Jedi jumped out and began destroying the Keep's defences. Dyce and his troops were having trouble keeping up with them. Finally the port was free of guards and pilots.
"Alright, everybody grab a different starfighter. Our mission is to rescue as many men as we can from the Keep. Thats where most of them have retreated to, but are there any others still on the battlefield?" asked Dyce.
The Jedi thought.
"What about Master Scur and Master Zaran?" asked a light-green sabered Jedi, who was still quite young and not yet a master.
"Yes," said the purple-sabered Jedi. "We cannot forget them...Ronin, are you prepared to collect them as your Master Task?" he asked the young Jedi.
"Yes Master, I will not fail." he replied without a moments thought.
"Find them. Their lives are in your hands, Ronin."
Ronin boarded a Grand Starfighter and took off over the battlefield. The rest of them then boarded seperate starfighters as well. Dyce took off with Jedi in his lead, to rescue the remaining Jedi order.
But all for naught.....

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