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Name: Viper
Age: 22
Species: Human
Class: Bounty Hunter

As Viper exited his firespray ship and stepped onto this new world he wondered what was so special about it. It was called Earth. But either way there was something on this planet that was worth a lot of money. Viper turned. He had been given several men to jelp him out. They were struggling with a crate containing explosives. They slipped and dropped the crate. A loud band echoed around the clearing.
"WATCH OUT YOU FOOLS!" Viper shouted
None of the men had been injured but Viper had lost a crate of explosives he could need.
"In future be careful other wise..."
A loud roar echoed around them
Viper fell silent
"what the?" he whispered he heard a crashing through the undergrowth a huge beast entered the clearing. Viper could tell by it's teeth and jaws it was a meat eater. He picked up the scanner and pointed it at the beast. It came up with -

Alosauraus. Carnivor. Dinosaur?

Viper backed away. The other men were unsure. Suddenly the dinosaur or whatever it was roared again and attacked the men. The men yelled and attempted to run. One was taken up in the beasts jaw and was eaten alive. The man's screams echoed and another roar could be heard. But this time whatever it was that had roared was bigger....a lot bigger


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