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i got up from the rubbel of the crashed dropship and looked around.i was the only one onboard,so i knew they had already set up camp.i walked out to find a crate fall on my head.again."what?do the crates hate me?" i asked myself.i hit a few switches on my armband and my visor became alot clearer,and i picked up some electrobinoculars(or just plain binoculars or,as some call it,electros) and scanned the place.a campfire was setup a bit ahead,maybe at the most 50 yards.i walked forward only to hear an unearthly that creeped me out,especially with the following high-pitched growl.i replayed the audio file and scanned it and somthing strange showed,

Velociraptor.more commonly known plainly as a Raptor.carnivore.Dinosuar.Cretaceous Period.

that got me confused.i hit a couple more switches and it displayed the details of this ''Raptor''.it showed things never recorded.

The Velociraptor,or Raptor,is a Cretaceous Dinosaur of the planet Earth.Unexpectidly,the Raptor can see prey that is not moving,Unlike the Tyranosaurous,which is also known as a T-Rex.Most debate whether or not the Raptor should replace the T-rex with the title of ''King of Dinos".The Raptor has one very large claw on each foot,which could split through even the hardest armor in several ways.The Raptor is not an enemy you would want to encounter on your summer vacation.

i exited the window and shot a stun blast behind me,then above me,and to the sides.four unconsious raptors rolled to my feet.i tyed them up and dragged them to the camp to meet my squad and delta squad sitting around a fire having somthing to eat.i dropped the raptors at the camp and sat down to research all these ''dinosaurs''.

the covenant is invading!

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