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Viper didn't need to hear that roar again. He ran to speeder. He heard a loud thumping noise and a crashing made Viper stop motionless for a moment. A huge dinosaur crashed through the trees, it's jaws were massive and it had a large sail on it's back. It was enormous. He quickly scanned it.

Spinosaraus. Carnivore. No info.

Viper pressed the ignition and and skidded around to watch the beast. It roared at the other dinosaur and it charged. It's huge jaws clamped around the alosauraus neck and Viper heard a loud crack.
"Lets Go!" Yelled one of the men. The other two guys jumped onto the speeder. One took the gun and the other just hung on for dear life. Viper pushed on the accelerator and they sped away. The Spino- thing seemed to think they were more of a meal than the other beast and started to chase them. The speeder was a lot faster though. The gunner blasted but he couldn't get a good shot. Viper turned sharply so not to hit a tree but as he did this the man glinging on lost his grip. He slipped off the back and was thrown into the monster's path. The thing stopped.
"NO!...No! Please...VIPER! AHHHHHHHHH!"
The huge beast stepped on the man's legs and ripped his head off. He then ate the rest off his body in a single swallow. Viper hadn't stopped. He had kept going. He was going so fast he could not see the edge of a cliff. The huge beast was so close. By the time viper saw the ledge he had no where else to go. The thing was right on their tale it was either fall into the water below or be eaten, and Viper knew which one he preferred. He sped towards the edge. Just before he got to the edge the man in the gunner seat was taken by the beast. It took him up in it's huge jaws just as the speeder dropped. Viper heard the man scream but knew he could do nothing. Vioer pulled up. He was getting close to the water. this thing didn't fly but it could hover. Viper pulled up harder. The speeder hit the water with a huge splash. Water leaked into the speeder and it started to sink. Viper quickly swam to the edge of the huge river. He got onto a rock and saw a shadow move in the water....


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