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i finished reading about all the dinos and seeing their image,and i wasnt about to become food to one of them.i looked over at a raptor and then looked through my backpack and found the one thing i was looking for:meat.i took it out and released a raptor,and every time he tried to eat me or any allies i shocked him and any time he didnt i tossed him some meat,and in five minutes he knew who was an ally and who wasnt.i decided to take him down to the river for a drink,only to see a speeder fall in and sink to the bottom,then to see somone going to shore.i ignored him,since i had my atention focused on a shadow in the water.i drew my DC-17 commando pistol and shot it with a fully charged blast as it was about to take a snap at my new friend who was about to get a drink.i dragged it onto the shore and scanned it,and it came up with a Deinosuchus,which was the first ever known "Alligator".i saw a couple more and loaded up my trandoshan heavy repeater and opened fire at the ones coming at me,and told my Raptor friend to take cover behind a rock and slice at anything......atleast i thought he heard me.he started slicing and a couple seconds a large amount of dinos were floating in the river,which had blaster marks and empty shells floating across,along with the river starting to turn red.i grabbed one of my spare DC-17 weapon pack i always kept incase i found anyone who might need them,and tossed it across the river."use the rifle for close combat,the grenade pack as anti-armor,those binoculars as a sniper,and that glove to send a knife into an enemies skin or armor then back." i said,then added,"oh,and the binoculars and the grenades,those are the attatchments,and use the right ammo.oh,and i think you might need some grenades." i said,then tossed about fifteen grenades over to him."make sure you dont waste all those on a lizard smaller then my hand,or even all on a raptor pack.if you need cover,head across the river.there are some turrets setup there." i finished,then walked away with the raptor.i heard a large roar and shot a merr-sonn rocket straight up,then a roar of pain followed,thenthe cliff colapsing simultaneously until a large dino fell into the river quite a distance away,dead.i then walked off back to the camp,wondering what would happen next.

the covenant is invading!
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