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Viper took the stuff but did not thank him.
"I don't need help"
He jet packed out of the canyon and back onto the ledge he had fallen off. He watched the soldier for some time. Viper turned to servey the landscape properly for the first time. Vast forrests and stretching plains. He knew the closer to water you were the bigger things got. He had already come across some nasty dino- things and he had no wish to meet any more. But he reminded him self where was the fun in that. He returned to his ship. When he arrived his ship was in ruin. A group of somethings had smashed his ship up. It would take a while to repair. Viper set to work. Withiut the extra man power this would take days. But being a bounty hunter Viper had devices to stop things seeing him. He put up the cloak and his ship vansihed from the eyesight of anyone outside the perimeter. Viper watched various dinosaurs walk past but nothing as big as the one with the fin. The more Viper thought about it the more he came to the conclussion that the solider who had stopped the gator from eating him was an enemy. True he had given him equipment but from what he was wearing he looked like an assasin or bounty hunter. Viper's armour gave him away easily. the sleak desighn had been taken from a friends armour (Jango Fett). He took his helmet off and breathed the air. The peace of the night was broken by screams. So there was more people on this planet than Viper had first thought. He heard some crashing noises. A man who looked like he had been attacked stumbled into Viper clearing. He was bleeding from his arm. And A group of, a qucik scan, Velociraptor followed making noises to each other
"They can talk" Viper said stunned
The man was on the floor crawling away. One of the raptors beared it's teeth and jumped. Viper jumped out of the cloak and shot the raptor. The raptor hit the floor dead. The others looked at each other and ran away but Viper knew they'd be back. He grabbed the man's arm and dragged him into the cloak. The man gasped
Viper wasn't in the mood for chat
"Why are you here? I was told this planet was un-inhabited by humans"
"So was I, but I've already met a few bounty hunters. Something about a contest"
"A contest?"
"Yeah, it's a contest devised by some sick people. The last man standing wins from what I hear"
"So this is just a game?"
"It appears to be"
Viper looked around he grabbed a blaster rifle and gave it to the new comer.
"Here you might need this"
"Thanks, I know it's odd but could I stay with you? My squad was wiped out. Im not in it for the money" He added seeing Viper's look
"We were tracking someone here. They had attacked our ship but we managed to repair it and go after them"
"Fine, just don't get in the way. I don't think Im in it for the money anymore" he added smiling
"I just want to leave"
The new comer looked at Viper's fire spray ship
"It won't work" he said
"Your ship. they've all been sabotaged by the creators of the game"
Viper looked at the man
"Whats you name?"


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