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Chapter 3

Rade Chano drew breath as he approached the members of the Jedi Council for the second time today. While before only the Jedi in his party had been privy to the Council’s previous session, when they had attempted to retrieve his memories of being Revan, this time the rest of the Ebon Hawk’s crew had been invited to attend. Rade shot a quick look over his shoulder. The rest of his crew, apart from Mission who seemed to be more concerned with a loose thread on her newly purchased tunic than anything else, all seemed to realise this was going to be more than just a discussion. It was a briefing for their next mission.

“As you know,” Master Vandar addressed them, “the Council has met with the Jantessan delegation. They have informed us that they desire to join the Republic for the purpose of establishing new trading routes. And they want our help in educating and training one of their own in the ways of the Republic so that they may adequately represent themselves in the Senate.”

“Of course,” said Master Vrook, “we have doubts about their sincerity. Jantessa was one of the only worlds on the Outer Rim to come out of the Mandalorian Wars virtually unscathed. But when Darth Revan’s fleet attacked them,” he glared accusingly at Rade, “they willingly collaborated with the Sith. Without their resources, the Sith threat may not have grown so quickly. And although they claim to no longer be under Sith control, they have sent a *former* Sith Administrator as their chief envoy.

“They are reputed to be fervent isolationists,” Vrook continued, “but they do have some connections with other Outer Rim planets, most decidedly Onderon and Deralia, currently their only trading partners. As you know, Onderon’s commitment to the Republic is not as strong as we would like. If Onderon were persuaded to leave the Republic, they would most certainly take other planets with them, leaving the Outer Rim wide open to Sith influence.”

“Well, then we should help them,” Mission blurted. “The less Sith in the Galaxy, the better.”

Carth gave Mission a reprimanding glare. “Let’s not rush into things. Let’s just hear the rest of what the Council has to say first.”

Mission shrugged. “Sorry,” she whispered meekly.

“If we decide to assist the Jantessans,” said Master Vandar, “they have promised to share their advanced planetary shielding technology with the Republic.”

“Shielding which not only serves in a defensive capacity,” added Master Dorak, “but also helps regulate Jantessa’s climate, making it one of the most productive food producing planets in the Galaxy. This climate regulating technology could prove useful in healing the ecosystems of Republic planets damaged by the Wars.”

Carth’s attention piqued. “Wait, are you suggesting that the Republic could use these shields to somehow restore planets like…like Telos?”

“And Taris?” Juhani asked.

“It could aid in their restoration, yes,” Dorak replied.

“Then we should help them,” Carth said eagerly.

“If planets like Telos and Taris can be restored, it would benefit the Republic in so many ways,” Juhani agreed.

Mission snorted. “Talk about rushing into things,” she muttered under her breath.

“There is one further point of interest in the Jantessan request,” said Master Vandar. “As a show of good will, they wish us to recover a relic that was removed from one of their temples. A relic removed by you, Rade, when you were Darth Revan.”

Rade cocked an eyebrow, but remained silent for the moment.

“We feel that this relic is the reason for their initial inquiry about your whereabouts after the Mandalorian Wars,” Vandar continued. “They have been searching for it.”

“The Jantessan’s Sith envoy made a half-hearted attempt to dismiss this relic’s importance,” said Master Vrook, “claiming that he had no knowledge of its purpose or origin save that it was some sort of crystal from one of their temples. Whether he is being truthful, or whether he is purposely concealing information in order to get our attention, is uncertain. What is certain is that the crystal is important, but the manner of its importance remains a mystery.”

“And we will only receive more information about it if we agree to help educate their prospective Senator,” said Master Vandar.

Master Vrook eyed Rade critically. “The Jantessans hold the Jedi Order responsible for your actions as Revan, as a teacher is held accountable for the actions of their student. If we assist the Jantessans, then you, and the crew of the Ebon Hawk, must locate and retrieve this object.”

“Another task in the process of my redemption?” Rade asked, more of a statement than a question.

“Yes,” Master Vandar replied. “What are your thoughts on this matter?”

“Well,” Rade began, “I think first we need to establish if the Jantessan’s interest in establishing trade and joining the Republic is genuine. It could just be a thinly veiled attempt to spy on the Republic.” His comment gained an approving look from Master Vrook.

“While it does seem odd that they would want to join the Republic so readily,” Bastila said, “perhaps they have been influenced through their increased contact with Onderon. If their balance of trade has been disrupted from the loss of the Sith fleet, it naturally stands to reason that they would attempt to increase trade with one of their other partners. And," she added, "if it is their intent to spy on the Republic, it does seem rather obvious to send a Sith, former or not, to head their delegation.”

“Agreed,” said Master Vandar. “Although, as Master Vrook suspects, misdirection may be their intent.”

“As to the relic….” Bastila’s forehead crinkled slightly as she thought for a moment.

“Whatever it is,” Canderous interjected, “whatever its purpose, this relic was obviously important enough to Revan to take in the first place. I would guess it’s a Sith weapon of some sort.”

“It could be a weapon,” Bastila agreed. “Revan did purposefully seek it out at close to the same time as he was searching for the Star Forge.”

“But if it were a weapon,” Juhani asked, “wouldn’t the Jantessans have used it to defend themselves against Revan’s attack?”

Rade’s brow began to furrow.

“Maybe they were not aware of its full potential,” Jolee Bindo offered. “Or maybe they used it for a different purpose.”

“Perhaps it channels or augments the Force in some way,” Bastila suggested. “If the Jantessans are still co-operating with the Sith, they could be searching for it in order to bolster Sith power in the area. Using Jantessa as a base, the Sith could be seeking to restore the resources they lost with the destruction of the Star Forge.”

“The Council has also considered that possibility,” said Master Vandar.

“Then we have to help them,” said Carth. “If for no other reason than to get that relic before the Sith can get it their hands on it.”

Master Vandar noticed Rade was deep in thought. “Rade? What is it? Have you remembered something?”

“Nothing specific,” Rade said, shaking his head. “Just a…feeling really. But it does seem likely that if the Jantessans collaborated with the Sith, they would also have had access to the Sith’s administrative data. They should have some knowledge about what Revan was planning to do with the relic and where he was going when he left Jantessa.”

Master Zhar nodded. “We wondered that ourselves. Why come to us for answers, when the answers they seek should already be in their possession?”

“Unless that’s part of their deception,” Master Vrook added.

Rade shook his head. “I don’t think the Jantessans, or the Sith for that matter, would waste their time with such an elaborate scheme to merely spy on the Republic. No, I think they do need our help in finding the relic, this crystal. And I also think they believe that extending an offer to join and assist the Republic would be the only way of gaining our assistance.”

“To open themselves up to regular contact with the Republic seems a high price for isolationists like the Jantessans to pay for the return of a mere relic,” said Canderous.

“I agree,” said Rade. “But it seems it’s a price they are willing to pay to get it back.”

Master Vandar nodded. “I sense you are correct in your assumption,” said Master Vandar. “This crystal is indeed very important to them.”

“Well, I say we help them, whatever their intentions,” said Carth. “Spying can work both ways, you know. If Jantessa is still under Sith control, it would be easier to keep an eye on them if they were part of the Republic rather than not. And, the technology they’re offering is too good to pass up. It could save a lot of lives.”

“I concur,” said Bastila. “The benefits to the Republic far outweigh the risks. And we will only gain more knowledge about this relic if we agree to the Jantessan’s request. It’s obviously important. I believe it is the will of the Force that we find it.”

“Bastila is right,” said Master Vandar. “The Force is indeed at work here. We must agree to the Jantessan’s request.”

Master Vrook let out a sigh, followed by a reluctant, “Agreed.” In turn, the rest of the Council also agreed.

“All this talking and we came back to what I said from the start—less Sith, more Republic, we should help them,” Mission said, rolling her eyes. “So, when do we leave?”

Master Vandar chuckled. “Patience, young one. We first need the Jantessans to tell us more about this relic.” He nodded to one of the Temple Guards standing by the door. “Summon back the Jantessan delegation.”

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