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"so let me get this straight,some guy thought up our existance and classified us as 'fake' and just made our history into movies,right?" i asked the worker.he nodded."wow.what do you guys think of that?" i asked them.they just stood there."i get your point." i said,answering my own question."wait.....wheres delta squad and zeta 392?!" i yelled when i noticed they were gone.i backtracked and found some footprints stopping then heading a path 90 degrees opposite of ours."always keep an eye on delta squad or theyll walk off." i said to myself.i followed the path and found them holding their rifles at two people,one with a rifle and the other with a turret.i loaded up my minigun and rolled into the clearing,as they others drew one of their great weapons and rena drew her lightsaber."wait....wait...LOWER YOUR WEPONS!!THEY ARENT ENEMIES!!!" i yelled before we attacked them and they attacked us."i remember you.your from the river,the one that was almost deinosuchus food" i folded my minigun into a carryable form and tossed it back in my backpack.the rest of my squad lowered their weapons and/or lightsaber."ok omega,your the smartest droid in the squad,do we stay at our camp after scouting or move here,becouse it seems this place has alot more room then an area about five or ten yards each way." i told the lieutenant in our squad.he nodded,being after a battle he was a droid of few words."you need the help?our camps back about one hundred yards" i asked the one operating the turret

the covenant is invading!
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