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Eh. I've done a couple of scirpts, which I will link and have a few ideas up for stories THAT WILL NOT BE STOLEN, EVER.

1. Best Buy Goes Too Far
I go to Best Buy to buy Psychonauts, and kill some XBox fanboy. Then I go in the back and find out Crispin kidnapped Raz! Now I have to save him. YAY.

2. Hypnotism Test
Kids pair up and test their hypnotism prowess. Violent things happen to Raz, then it's almost skit night. More violent things happen to Raz.

3. Doppleganger Daughter: The Story of Rae & Her Crazy Time Machine (short story, in progress)
Teoo! In the not too distant future, there's a teenaged orphan girl who builds a time machine so she can log the entire relationship of her parents up until their tragic girl scout-related murder. Meanwhile, Raz tries not to have Basic Braining flashbacks and Lili becomes out of character! Other...things happen and time screws up. I'm not sure.

4. Resurrect (chaptered, not started)
3 years after the game, Raz runs off (again) and ends up in some town in Massachusetts. There's a GEOweasel themed cafe there, and Lili! They run off to do things and get murdered by a homocidal rabbit! Then...they come back because other demons said so. And, something about a succubus. Because cubi are awesome.

Yeah, those descriptions were...yyyyeah.

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