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Viper swung around
"oh shi-"
Viper rolled out of the way as the beast came down to attack. Viper blasted at it with his pistols. Blood spurted from it's side. The scent of blood rose....and a gigantic roar echoed through the fores. Birds scattered. The T- Rex must have known what it was becasue it fled. Viper stood absolutly still. His heart thumping.
"Another T Rex?" asked Tiscalli
" sounds a lot bigger...even bigger than that Spino thing"
"Then what?"
"I'll check" Viper ran back into the cloak and grabbed his scanner into the input section he typed
Larger than 16ft (Average Spinosaurus height, T rex average height 14.5ft)

it came up with one reading: Gigantosaurus (average height, 19.6 ft)

Viper looked up and heard a crashing noise
"Here it comes"


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