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"Im Tiscalli" yelled Tiscalli as he jumped onto the turret
Viper just grunted (BTW it's not that im being a miserable sod it's just my character, Viper, is a miserable sod and wants to remain unknown)
"This is odd" said Viper
"How come?" Asked Tiscalli
"How come we've only met the meat eating dinosaurs? why not any others? This game is starting to...." he didn't have time to finish the roar was louder than ever it was close
"Im going to get a good cantage point" Viper grunted
He used his jet pack to get into a huge tree
"Don't worry about him" Tiscalli said to Delta 43
"He's just a b-"
"Tiscalli! Armed that turret yet?"
" good idea"
Viper breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't want the news that he was a bounty hunter getting out seeing as he had fought many battles against the clones.
"SOunds like theres more than one...." viper murmered
suddenly three huge dinosaurs came into the clearing.....


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