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a security guard survivor was taken up in a dinos mouth,and everyone started firing at it,me firing a quad-shot.(anti-air gun scaled down to a compatible size as a backpack.) i slashed at the legs of one,then remembered a power.i sent an electricity bolt into a dino and it collapsed,sizzling with electricity.i swiched into force speed,which slowed everything to the point where time could almost collapse,everyone looked like they were shooting very slow.i was the only thing left moving fast,so i sprinted around the legs of one dino,slashing away until it fell.time sped to the normal time,and i jumped into force speed again and in 0.3 seconds i was back with rocket launchers."USE THE RPGS TO TAKE THESE GUYS DOWN!" i squad launched four,then omega,zeta and then everyone else.i kept a special rocket i modded.(looks like the one from half lfie 2.) i shot a rocket up in he air then guided a laser right between the dinos eyes,and the rocket followed,with a loud 'THUD!!!!!!' following."im delta 43 by the excuse me while i go grab some supplies from our camp." i said,then was back very fast on account of i used force speed."we might need auto turrets." i said,while i was already busy setting one up."why not set the camp all around this clearing?" i asked.a raptor came into view."dont shoot,hes tame." i said quickly.a loud,under-water like yell followed from the west.i went to scout and found,of course,an ocean.nearby were some light collored herbivore dinos and some blueish eggs,along with about five purple eggs.(blue were plesoisaurus or somthing..the others...well...)i went and gathered them up and scanned the dinos.i saw they werent much of an enemy.i walked back with the eggs and started scanning them,while my squad ate(i dont sleep or eat much) and the others talked.

the covenant is invading!

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