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As the last dinosaur fell Viper felt sadness. He lowered his pistols and jumped from the tree. Tiscalli a word. Viper walked into the cover of the cloak and Tiscalli followed. Viper pressed a button and the cloak grew thicker. No one could go in and no sound could travel out. They had complete privacy.
"What is it?"
Viper started pacing
"I don't like these guy's' attitudes towards these things. You see that clone? he has one as a pet!'s not right.... I refuse to believe these things can become tame!"
"Viper calm down"
"CALM! These clones come here.....this species will be extinct before long!"
"I find it un-usual that a bounty hunter cares about-"
Viper held up a hand. He had noticed something very odd.
"there blood"
Viper walked out of the cloak. And over to one of the massive beasts. Be withdrew a knife from his pocket and sliced open the things leg. He stepped back
"It's not's a machine....but why?"
He turned to Tiscalli who looked stunned and then to the clones who looked like they couldnt care less. Viper turned and fired. He hit one of the clones chest and he fell back. The others seemed to be stunned by this act. Viper shot another one and he fell too.
Viper rolled back into the cloak. Viper ran into his ship and Tiscalli followed. The hatch closed and Viper took off...


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