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The sensors went wild. Viper glanced at one of the screens
"Whats that mean?" asked Tiscalli
"Sensors...something is hanging onto our ship It helps with missiles and Buzz droids and now it's helped with these clones"
Viper smiled
"So they want to play...lesson one....a bounty hunters ship is never as it seems!"
Viper delpoyed an electro shield. The clones hanging on were about to get a shock literally. They would fry and loose control of their bodily functions for several moments. Viper then set the astro droid on board to make repairs.
"Lesson two: A question there air in space?"
"But we can't!" yelled Tiscalli
"We can just about make it out of the atmosphere then drop back in by that time they would have suffocated"
Viper dived and swerved just because they were on his ship didn't mean they were going to get it easy...


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