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Viper glanced at the screens
"We've got a breach"
"Someones got through our hull...damn their onboard"
Viper looked around hopelessly.
"Close all shafts and doors to the engine...I don't want anything breaching it....put ray shields and what ever else we've got UP"
Viper thought
"I could land and isk more damage to the ship....or continue and risk more damage to the ship....decisionsdecisions"
Viper decided to land. whilst trying to find a suitable place something came up on the scanner....a buildin. Viper looked it over. He made up his mind
"Tiscalli we're going in"
Viper landed the ship and grabbed his weapons and threw some grenades, knife, pistol and rifle to Tiscalli
"I don't know whats going on here....all I know is your the only one I trust"
"Thanks...I trust you too....Im not sure about those clones....they seem very....aggresive....shoot now ask questions later"
"true...but thats what Jango was like-" Viper stopped
"Come on lets go"
Viper lowered the ramp. And as an extra procaution imobalised the ship. It would not fly. No matter what they did to it. It would not budge. As he exited he saw a vent shaft. He looked at Tiscalli. He got a sensor and placed it by the ramp and fiddled with his sensor. Now he's know when exited
"Lets go shopping" He said as he turned and led the way into the lab


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