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Chapter 5--part 2

“Irritated Answer: Master, of course I am familiar with Jantessa! I am most disappointed that you did not think to ask me about it before you met with their envoy,” HK-47 said as he followed Rade through the Jedi Temple towards the hanger bay.

“Well, I didn’t really have the opportunity,” Rade replied. “Besides, the Council wouldn’t have allowed a droid like you to attend their session.”

T3 beeped and whirred.

“Indignant Reply: My assassination protocols have nothing to do with it! It is obvious that the reason for the Council’s aversion to droids is because they do not wish their sessions to be recorded by anyone other than them.”

“So what do you know about Jantessa?” Rade asked HK.

“Definitive Answer: Jantessa is the sole habitable planet in the Seridium system. It has a population of seventeen million meatbags, most of which engage in activities associated with its abundant agricultural and mineral resources. The Jantessans actively discourage visitors and allow only select traders to import or export goods. They rely heavily on their advanced planetary shields for their protection and therefore maintain a minimal defensive force.”

“So what happened when I…when Revan arrived?”

“Answer: Upon your arrival, you spent many hours in orbit trying to figure out a way to penetrate their planetary shields while you attempted to negotiate with the Jantessan leaders. Eventually, the Jantessan’s sent a delegation to meet with you. The meeting must have gone well, as the Jantessan’s lowered their shields, allowing you to invade their planet with relative ease.”

“And then what?”

“Statement: I do not know, Master. I appear to have no more data on the subject. Conjecture: Perhaps you deleted it from my memory core for security purposes.”

Rade brow furrowed in thought. “What do you know about a Sith called Berland?”

“Proud Answer: Berland was selected by me to be your personal assistant during my absence after the Jantessan invasion.”


“Explanation: Yes, Master. You sent me on a mission shortly after the planet had been secured. Reticent Addition: Although, I seem to have no record of that mission’s purpose nor its outcome. Most curious.”

“And you selected Berland yourself?”

“Incredulous Response: Why, yes, Master! I took great pride in selecting all of the meatbags that were your personal assistants. Berland had all of the relevant qualifications.”

“What ‘relevant qualifications?’”

“Detailed Narration: A weak command of the Force, but highly trained in melee and hand-to-hand combat; a high attention for detail; previous administrative experience; and, most importantly, expendability.”


“Condescending Explanation: Master, a personal assistant is privy to many private details that could pose a danger lest they were disclosed. Justification: Regular termination of your meatbag assistants was necessary for your protection.”

T3 whined softly.

“Not that I’m agreeing with your methods, but why didn’t you terminate Berland?” Rade asked.

“Perturbed Reply: Master, unfortunately you had already transferred the meatbag to the surface of Jantessa when I returned. Optimistic Suggestion: However, if you so desire, I will gladly carry out his termination.”

“No,” said Rade. “He’s the Jantessan’s chief envoy and he’ll be travelling with us on this mission. No matter how irritating he is, you are not to kill him. Understood?”

“Disappointed Affirmation: Yes, Master. Understood.”

Veni, Vidi, Velcro. (I came, I saw, I stuck around)

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