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i dropped the final grenade and the cockpit went to shreds.jsut to make sure it wouldnt lift off,i set a couple detpacks around the primary areas of the ship.i ran out and ducked behind some bushes with omega.i pulled the trigger and the ship nearly blew up,but to make sure,i dropped a sheilded thermal in the ships power core on my way out.but then the timer went off and it detonated,and the ship blew up."well...there goes our way of getting back to our camp.lets find those traitors!" i said to omega and ran inside.i took a differant path,the path that seemed less taken,and ended up in a very large lab.there was only one thing about it that was wrong.
it was full of bodies.
i ran forward and tried to find any survivor at all,but couldnt.i looked at a screen and found it was sliced by a raptor claw.i got it back up working but found there was again somthing wrong.the screen just displayed osmone,and i had to enter a password.every single last password i tried ended up in the screen mocking me saying,"hahaha,you didnt say the magic word!" over and over.i finally shut it off,and walked up to another door,which was sealed and sealed TIGHT.but i just opened it up by hitting the console once.the door opened and a dead scientist fell forward into my arms.i dropped him,then continued on.this time,there were dead workers AND raptors.i found one with its skin ripped off,and it was mechanical.i jabbed my wrist-blade into all the others,and found the others were real.and i had to clean off my wristblade.again.i walked forward in the blueish room and found another door,this time it had a window.i was about to open it when somone in grey with a strange hat fell on the door,pounding on the glass."PLEASE!OPEN UP!!THERE ISNT MUCH OXYGEN LEFT IN HERE!!ALL THE OTHERS ARE DEAD!PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!" the survivor cried,then fell to the floor with a type of sigh.i bashed in the doors window and found the guys pulse racing a bit,but he was alive.i looked through my backpack and found a rebreather and put it on the man,and he started to regain consiousness.he opened his eyes and took off the rebreather."ya ya i from anothet galaxy with advanced technology from 'starwars' i know the drill.dont even start talking about it." i said.he blinked,then got up."my dont even know anymore...ive been trapped in there so long..." he said."how long?" i asked."maybe...maybe about five months." was his response."in rodian time,hoth time WHAT?!" i asked." standard?" "wow.come on,let get you armed." i tossed him a spas 12 from the wall.he loaded the shotgun and got ready to fight anything."ok,how do i kill the mech dinos?" i asked him."that panel,right over controls them.smash the panel or just hack the codes and-" he was cutoff."done hacking." i said fastly,then deactivated the dinos and hit self destruct.the map showed alot of mechs going down,but there was still over a million real dinos."well" i said."lock and load!were going after some traitors and with time these dinos can become tame!i already got a pet raptor!were gonna need the largest amount of tame dinos we can get!raptors,ceolophysis',herrasauras',the toughest carnivores we can find!we can corner them,becoue they only have dual pistols,a rifle and a magnastaff an possibly a few grenades!find a way to jam their weapons or just make them waste the ammo,we got em where we want em!now lets move out!rescue any survivors in this facility,capture any carnivores on this island!"

the covenant is invading!
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