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Chapter 6--part 1

Berland gingerly grasped the plastene-wrapped pillow Juhani had just irately shoved into his chest. “Thank you,” he said tenatively.

“You are welcome,” Juhani replied, her voice as cold as the polar ice of Coruscant. “Now, if that’s all…?”

Berland glanced over his shoulder at Ithra, who sat on one of the beds, drumming her fingers on the bedframe. “That will be all. For now.”

As he closed the door, he sighed. “Ithra, you really must be careful what you say in future."

Ithra shrugged. “I was just making a simple observation.”

“Yes, but ‘observing’ that the fibres on the extra pillow the Cathar Jedi brought to you appear remarkably similar in colour and texture to her own hair could be considered… inflammatory. Here,” he gave her the new pillow in its plastene wrapping. “She brought you a new one.” He sighed heavily. “You know, you are lucky she is a Jedi. Cathar’s are known to be easily agitated.”

“I don’t care. This ship is horrible,” Ithra complained, and she threw the pillow to the end of the bed. “Everything’s cold, and metallic, and cramped, and drab, and…, and… cold.” She drew her violet cloak tighter around her body. “I don’t like it.”

“I did warn you there may be hardships,” Berland said flatly. “And if you are to become a Senator, you will encounter many things you will not like. But that doesn’t mean you have to offer comment on all of them.”


Leaning back in his chair, with his feet propped up on the edge of the console in the main hold, Rade was reading through something on a datapad. Bastila sat next to him, but her attention was focused on one of the computer screens when Juhani quietly approached.

“Rade?” Juhani asked. “May I speak to you?”

“Sure.” He sensed she was uncomfortable. “Is something bothering you?”

“It’s that Ithra,” Juhani blurted. “She is so…so…infuriating! I have given her everything that she has asked for to make her more comfortable, and all she does in return is complain even more!”

“Hmm. I seem to recall someone saying, “Things will settle down once we get moving,’” Bastila quietly quoted Rade’s words without even looking up. “I wonder who that was…”

“In my opinion, Ithra is nothing more than a spoiled brat,” Juhani said hotly.

“Yeah, well, that seems to be the consensus around here, too,” Rade said, giving Bastila a defeated look.

“And,” Juhani continued, “I do not trust that Berland. Twice he has queried me about the security systems on this ship when I brought them extra supplies.”


Rade opened his mouth to say something more, but Juhani continued. “And, you know what is even worse?”

Rade shook his head.

“Ithra said….” Juhani paused to regain composure. “She said, I shed.”

There was a pause. Bastila slowly raised her eyes, then drew her hand over her mouth as she stifled a grin.

“You shed?” Rade asked, trying his best to look serious.

“Yes, she said I shed! Like a beast!” Juhani closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. “There is no emotion, there is peace.” After another couple of breaths, she continued. “And, Ithra said something similarly derogatory about Zalbaar when she was boarding, but I dare not repeat it.”

“I see,” Rade said slowly.

“And what’s more,…”

Rade held up his hand. “I think I get the picture, Juhani. I’ll have one of the droids take care of their needs for a while. You go and take a break.”

Juhani let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Rade.”

As she headed off for the starboard dormitory to meditate, Bastila’s eyes flicked cautiously in Rade’s direction.

“Did you know she sheds?” Rade asked straight-faced.

Bastila let out a laugh, then quickly covered her mouth, tighter this time. “I’m sorry,” she said after a moment. “I shouldn’t laugh at Juhani’s expense. It’s not funny.”

Rade’s mouth slowly upturned into a smile. “Yes, it is,” he said, unable to keep a straight face any longer. “But I think I’ll have a little talk with Berland just the same.”

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