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New Board for the Blue Phantom Project!

It was about time....

It's taken a long time, I was hesitating, but since the project's reaching a stage where a completion is in sight, I think it's only just that I set up a forum all for it.

After all, this might not be the worst idea, so I can put my thoughts and ideas down and even receive feedback on them withouth having to update my site everytime or filling the other boards with tons of 'unrelated' stuff (which I'm still gonna do anyway ).

So, visit the Blue Phantom Forum at

This will be the place for everything around my little XWA Project, its status, development and the things in life that do or do not matter.

Of course, I won't abandon the other boards. New releases and critical updates will be posted there like before. The new forum is just for the things going past normal mod pimping

So join in, have a drink and have a good time! The bar is in the east wing

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