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Viper looked at Tiscalli.
"O...k. Thats good enough I suppose..."
Viper glanced around
"So what can you tell us about this planet called earth?"
Viper knelt down and touched the sand. He stood up and looked around. To the west he could see some sought of transport with a mounted gun on the back. Viper looked at it and glanced towards Darrick hoping for some explanation of this transport. None came. He glanced to the west and saw in the diastance three massive shapes.
"Pyramids" Tiscalli said. Viper nodded.
"I want to take a look" He said absently mindedly. He walked back on board his ship and beckoned to Tiscalli. Tiscalli pointed his rifle at Darrick and motioned him into the ship. It took off and made it's way to the pyramid....


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