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Hey There Vespid.

Yeah we are going strong in DS now. Our BF1/2 Divisions are lookign excellent. Our GBG Army is still going strong on the Zone. Jedi Order for JKO/JA is doing real well under our new reorganiztion. I wish to extend the invite for anyone to join also, for any game.. But with the great command staff we have at DS, the EaW section will be outstanding. Join today, we are currently getting squads setup. For BF1,BF2,GBG:CC,JKO,JA,RC and even XWA and Galaxies, we have solid squads setup with servers for each of the gaems we play, training avaliable for all and a friendly atmosphere for everyone.

Join today and join the Elite Defenders of Sovereignty. For more information, Email me at, On AIM NeXuSPhantom390, MSN- or XFire- dsfighta8

Thanks and We hope you consider joining us.
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