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Public readers, I hope that you have checked out our website, Please feel free to register on our forums as a guest, and chat with our many members. Those of you who have already visited our website should have noticed that some of our links are outdated, or unavailable. Do not be discouraged by this, as we have recently changed web hosts, and lost files in the transfer. We are working on re-furbishing the website to bring you a more enjoyable look.

Many of the Army members are getting quite excited about the game coming soon, as we have began thinking of ways to re-organize the section for the upcoming game. And I'm sure the crazy ones out there will be entertained by our 'Clinic' asylum for the insane. DS is going through a great time at the moment as many of the first members are returning from long absences, and bringing the old DS back to life. We are a truely great clan, and I hope that you give us a visit, and check us out for your future clan!

Master Sergeant Tex, Director of Operations of Death Corps
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