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Chapter 8 of the Tierra book is complete!

Last night I finally polished off chapter 8 of Tierra de los Muertos. That means I'm at around the 200 page mark, and have four chapters to go.

A few snippets:

Death was not enjoying his holiday.
He had been, up until the point when he stepped onto Isla Calavera after doing a neat little ‘walking on water’ trick that he’d picked up from an old friend. The sun was shining blissfully, there was a cool breeze blowing through his cloak, he was a reaper with a scythe and not a care in the world.
‘I hate this!’ Number Two complained loudly. ‘I mean look, look at this! I have sand absolutely everywhere!’ He said it one more time, for good measure. ‘Absolutely everywhere!’
Tomas’ soggy cigarette finally broke in half. He took the soggy end out of his mouth and regarded it despondently. ‘I have it everywhere as well, amigo.’
‘Excuse me!? You don’t have the crevices I have for sand to get lodged in! Would you like to see my sandy crevice?!’
‘So, Death. What brings you onto this island?’ Tomas ventured.
‘What brings me here?’ Death asked. ‘You do realise that this is Isla Calvera, don’t you?’
‘It is? Hey, wasn’t that nice of Poseidon, the great guy that he is, a god so good looking that if looks could kill then he’d do time!’ Number Two said enthusiastically.
Larry sighed dramatically. ‘Gramaree ge Gemma.’ He said again, accompanying it with hand signals this time.
'Oh, you’d be an old school zombie? I didn’t quite understand what you were saying with that accent!’
Larry chortled diplomatically (it sounded like a choking, gargling sound, but anyway…), indicating that it was quite alright, that anybody could have made that mistake, and that he was willing to let the zombie keep all his limbs intact providing he didn’t make the same mistake again.
‘And if you could tell me briefly how you died?’
‘Greega wadda de poodi poodi, zerry gamma liggi, je wadda. Bramp leg pooda, de sula sula wurry, solt arma kenti bloo.’ Larry said, telling her a brief tale of wonder, mystery, intrigue, betrayal, and a small but fondly remembered curry house.
Time to start chapter nine...

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