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1) Click on the start button and select 'Run...'
2) Type in 'explorer.exe' and press enter
3) In the window that opens up, change the plus sign (+) next to 'My Computer' to a minus (-) sign. Do this by clicking on it.
4) You should now see something called 'Control Panel' Click on it.
5) In the right panel, everything should have just changed. Locate and double click on 'System'
6) A 'System Properties' window opens up. Go to the 'General' tab it is not already there.
7) The text under 'Computer:' is your processor and total memory. What does it say?
8) Click on the 'Hardware' tab. Under this tab click on the 'Device Manager' button.
9) A 'Device Manager' window should open. This shows you everything connected in your computer. Look for a group named 'Display adapters'. Expand it (click on the plus sign next to it).
10) This will now show the item in your computer which is connected to your display (the graphics card). What is the item(s).

Let me know if you don't understand a step or get an error message along the way.

note: Depending on your Windows version, the text for the tabs/buttons/windows may be a little different.

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