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Name: Darth Extas
Occupation: Sith Lord
Former Occupation(s): Imperial Royal Gaurd, Emperor of the Phantom Empire
Weapon(s): Dual LightSabers(Color: Shadow/Black Hole/Dark Grey[Only a yellow Lightsaber can cut through it], Cuts through all but blue & yellow lightsabers), Modified Force Pike(added a Ion & Blaster Rifle or known as a range function)
ForcePowers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening, Force Influence(Jedi Mind Trick/Sith Seduction), Force Fireball(Ancient Sith Power), Force Darkness(Has ability to control the environment on any planet[can make a fissure/sandstorm/Lightening Strike/Ash Storm/Earthquake, though limited amount of power can be spent]), Force Grip, Force Levitate/Throw, Force Shadow Mold(Just allows to create his Crystals for his Lightsaber(s) can rarly be used).


Armour: Modified Imperial Royal Guard(Black Helmet & Black Cape), Black Gloves.
Eyes: Sith Fury/Maul(Always)
Race: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)
Age: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)
Helmet Modifications: Night Vision, Twin hidden Laser mini-guns(Above the Ears), Painted Black.

Note: Defies the Sith Code because he is a Sith Lord with an Apprentice.

Apprentice: Darth Exras
Weapons(s): Twin Bladed Lightsaber/Darth Maul(1 Red & 1 Shadow), Pair of Force Pikes.
Force Powers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening/Spike(Sends a chain of Force Lightening on the ground that will go within a 5 yard Radius, Forms a spike like form of Force Lightening), Force Influence, Force Grip
Race: Y. Vong
Age: 98

Eyes: Dark Blue with Red Pupils
Armour: N/A or Just a Black Sith Cloak, Black Gloves
Height: Average Y. Vong
Weight: Average Y. Vong

Sig made by Princess Lyla

The Sith will always be around as long as there is hate in the Galaxy.

Dark Hands of the Empire(Clan Member)
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