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Name: Bac Rueben
Faction: Rebels
Class: 86th battalion commander
Equipment: Blaster rifle, commando pistol, thermal detonators, and time bombs
Strengths: Battle planing, squadron fighting, one-on-one fighting, assassination
Weaknesses: Piloting, mechanics, mercy for victims
Background: Bac Rueben started out as an Imperial soldier on Niaj Qad, but soon switched to the rebels when he realized how bad the imperials had become. He soon became the 86th battalion, made from the men that followed him and vollunteers. After the destruction of the planet, the reinforced on Tatooine and eventually met back up with Eptima. They now go to Naboo to help the rebels. In the end, Bac hopes to rule the Civic Empire and create a more peaceful galaxy.

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