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Name: Mid Kunar
Faction: Rebels
Class: Jedi Knight
Equipment: A white lightsaber, detonators, a black-purple Jedi light-scythe, Jedi master robes, blaster rifle
Strengths: Near-impervious fighting style, handling of guns
Weaknesses: Using the force, anger
Background: Mid was lead by Dyce's group on Niaj Qad and was responsible for saving several Jedi before the planet's detonation. He had lived in the Jedi Order all his life, but was very poor with the force when he was younger. His master was extremely wise and powerful and took him on several missions. On a mission in Tatooine his master was killed from an ambush by several bounty hunters. Mid thought that he could have aided his master if he were stronger and prevented his death, and from that day forward he trained his hardest until he had far surpassed his peers.

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