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Hrm. I didn't see any of those but found quite a few kick ass things at Target today. Resculpted Bib Fortuna (should have been on the OTC card, not this new Saga line but whatever), General Veers (clip on armor and helmet go over his dress uniform as seen on the Star Destoryer), Major Brenin (or something.... John Ratzenburger's character from Hoth), and a Gonk/ Tredwell droid two pack (repainted and minor retooling to resemble the Hoth ones).

Other figures I passed on was a recarded Snowtrooper minus the E-WEB and AT-AT Driver. I don't need more Snowtroopers (got two PotF2 guys, the deluxe PotF2 one with E-WEB, and a saga guy) and what good is an AT-AT driver loose?

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