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....The room was dark. In the corner a Jedi was sitting in the pitch black. Suddenly a purple glow lit the room. The Jedi's lightsaber gleamed. A sudden noise made the jedi focus. A dark power. An evil power. It was stonger than anything he had ever sensed. The thing, whatever it was, was stonger and was getting closer. The Jedi stood up and faced the door. It slid open and a dark jedi stepped in. His red lightsaber glowed. His body was hald mechanical and hald human. The jedi laughed....

Phinius woke up sweating and panting. He sat up shaking. He wiped his forehead. He got up and put on his Jedi robes and grabbed his saber from under his pilow. He walked slowly to the bridge of the ship
"Anything to reprort captain?"
"Nothing yet master Phinius"
Phinius's head was pounding. He turned to leave when a message came through
"We have received word that the Civic Army are closing in. On one of the Capitol ships we believe there is a sith lord"
The message fuzzed over with static. Phinius looked up at the captain the captain looked back anxiously. Phinius gulped....


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