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Mid slashed out at invisible foes with his white blade. He had been training twice as hard sinse the Niaj Qad disaster, early every morning until sunrise, or, whenever sunrise should be. If anything like that ever happened again, he would not fail to protect his allies. Mid was currently aboard one of the rebel Capital ships where he would remain until the Naboo invasion, he was practicing saber combat as a soldier entered his room. Mid sheithed his lightsaber blade as the soldier panted, "Our scout frigates have spotted Imperial Captial ships! We're surrounded!" Mid's expression changed, he nodded to the soldier to show he understood. He grabbed his scythe and hurried to the main deck. He joined up with the other Jedi and after all of the men were collected, went strait to the docking bay. He chose a green-trimmed corefighter and sped out into space. There were much more of the enemy than he had imagined.

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