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((Well then I'll continue the story of Scur and Zaran until Deamonomic gets back unless he doesn't want to control him.

Just incase somebody new joins here are Scur and Zaran's information:

Name: Scur Jal'Daan
Faction: Jedi Council
Class: Jedi Consular
Weapon: Dual Lightsabers; Silver/Orange
Equipment: Blue Jedi Consular robes
Strengths: Piloting, 1-on-1 Fighting
Weaknesses: Close together fighting

Bio: (summary of the last chapter) Scur Jal'Daan was a consular on Niaj Qad. He was liked by many people because of his generosity and kindness. He defeated many opponents when the Civic Army invaded the planet, trying to kill all Jedi, which failed. Many Jedi escaped with the Rebellion.

Scur fought with the new Sith Lord, Zion, who turned to the Dark Side in the middle of the battle, and killed many Jedi from within the Keep. Zion escaped and quickly made his way to the reactor to the planet and switched it to self destruct. Scur had a vision of him doing this and quickly made his way towards the reactor to stop it followed by Zaran.

Once Scur made his way to the Reactor it had started exploding and Zion tryed stoping Scur, which failed because Zion escaped the explosion of the planet as Scur used Force Barrier on the explosion to try and suffacate it with the help of Zaran. the explosion grew too strong, and flung fainted Zaran and Scur into space, soon to be picked up by Phinius.
__________________________________________________ ________

Name: Zaran
Faction: Jedi Council
Class: Jedi Master
Weapon: single bladed lightsaber; Blue
Equipment: Jedi master Robes
Strengths: agility, ability to calm down instantly and focus
Weaknesses: Injured leg

(Well that should be it, and if Deamonomic joins he can write the Bio for Zaran)

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