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As Mid made his way toward the enemy fleet he checked his belt to confirm that his lightsaber and folded scythe were not left back on the Mothership. He had taken a long time to make his new lightsaber and was not up to designing a new one. Ever sinse Zion had betrayed the Jedi, they had refused to use red lightsabers. Mid had cast away his old blade and created a lightsaber even better than before. White was a neutral, calm color, and Mid noticed that he felt a little calmer using it, even though he was still getting used to it. As for his scythe, he would easily make twenty Jedi lightsabers and cast them away before dreaming of losing it.

Mid locked onto the nearest frigate's tracking radar. The alliance would have to take out all sensors if they hoped to make the Naboo invasion unexpected. Unfortunately, the Empire had little need of the frigate's sensors, so they stuck them all the way in the back. Back behind formations of skull fighters. Mid knew that getting through them would be no easy task...

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