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Phinius stared into the cold grey eyes he had once admired and respected.
"B-b-ut I die" Phinius was speechless he looked like he had been petrified.
Zion did not smile like he used to when he saw his old aprentice he just looked at Phinius with pure hatred
"You saw wrong" Zion spat at Phinius in a voice of pure venom. Zion looked around and the stunned jedi.
"I guess you all wan't to know how I surivived? My master saved me and brought me to this ship and made a new me"
Zion did not carry any hint of a threat in his voice but they all knew what was about to happen
"To buisness" Zion threw his cloak aside and jumped up. Two Jedi went to meet his as he landed
"NO!" Phinius yelled
Zion dropped and sliced one Jedi's head off and then cut the other in half. Zion used to force to grab one of the dead jedi's lightsaber and he ignited it. He controled the two baldes so well no one could get close to him. Those he tried soon met their deaths. Another Jedi rushed forward and atempted to attack Zion. Zion picked him up with the force and threw him through the ray shield and into space. Phinius did nothing even when a Jedi yelled at him for help. He knew Zion was too strong. A few soliders fired a few shots but Zion deflected them back and killed them. Zion using the force picked up one of the skull fighters and threw it at a few Jedi who were caught un-aware. They colapsed under the weight and Zion's use of the force. Phinius was soon the only one left. Zion looked at him. Phinius knew it was time to face up to Zion. He ignited his purple blade and like Zion used the force to pick up a fallen comrades lightsaber. He ignited the orange blade and looked into the cold eyes of fury and evil....


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